Scoring System


In Time Trial and Endless Mode, you get points instead of
dropping garbage. Here I will describe EXACTLY how many points you get by
doing different moves in these modes.

First and foremost, by raising the stack
(holding the L or R button), you get 1 point. 

When pieces themselves disappear after
being matched, you get 10 points per block.
(You get
0 points for the
match itself!)

The only way to get points for when you
actually MATCH the pieces is by getting a:

  • Combo
  • Chain

  • Bonus


As soon as the pieces that create a
are matched, you get the points corresponding to that combo. Tetris Attack
and Pokémon Puzzle League are alike in their point system in every way
except for Combos. Here I will list the amount of points given for each
combo. I will list them for both games.


  • Tetris Attack Combos

4 Combo: 20 points
5 Combo: 30 points
6 Combo: 50 points
7 Combo: 60 points
8 Combo: 70 points
9 Combo: 80 points
10 Combo: 100 points
11 Combo: 140 points
12 Combo: 170 points


  • Pokémon Puzzle
    League Combos

4 Combo: 30 points
5 Combo: 60 points
6 Combo: 150 points
7 Combo: 190 points
8 Combo: 230 points
9 Combo: 270 points
10 Combo: 310 points
11 Combo: 400 points




The above list is NOT complete. In fact,
anybody willing to contribute the rest of the points earned for combos,
drop me a line here.



The way chains work is that as SOON as
the hit connects, you get the amount of points that correspond to that hit
number. Please be aware that the below analysis is NOT counting the 10
points you get for clearing pieces, nor is it a cumulative total of your
chain. This is only a PER HIT analysis.


2nd Hit: 50 points
3rd Hit: 80 points
4th Hit: 150 points
5th Hit: 300 points
6th Hit: 400 points
7th Hit: 500 points
8th Hit: 700 points
9th Hit: 900 points
10th Hit: 1100 points
11th Hit: 1300 points
12th Hit: 1500 points
13th Hit: 1800 points


In Tetris Attack, when the 14th hit
connects (and beyond), you get 0 points. This is a bug and was later
corrected in Pokémon Puzzle League. In Pokémon Puzzle League, every hit
that connects after 13 Hits gives you 1800 points.

After getting your 13th hit in Time
Trial or Endless Mode (In Tetris Attack), it is wise to stop your chain intentionally,
since it will earn you 0 additional points.

In Pokémon Puzzle League, keep that
chain going for as long
as you can!!!


This is the big secret in Tetris Attack.
As explained above, matching 3 blocks gives you 0 points.

HOWEVER, if you are in the middle of a
chain, and you simply MATCH 3 or more blocks, you get the SAME amount of
points as the last Chain hit you performed! This is called a “BONUS“.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you are on the 12th Hit of
your Chain. Judging by the chart above, we see that the 12th Hit gives you
1500 points. So anyway, let’s say that you have the 13th Hit already set
up and so now you’re just waiting for it to connect.  While you are
waiting, you are doing nothing and earning 0 points. Now
here is the trick. Instead of doing nothing, go find 3 blocks (it can be
any amount, but 3 is the easiest) and simply just match them before your
current chain is over (the last piece clears)! 

It will give you 1500 points just
for matching them!!

So what does this mean? It means that
your Chain score is NOT limited to just
how big your Chains are, rather, they also depend on how many bonuses you
can get in a Chain. 

Tip: NEVER go for a bonus if it means the end of
your chain!

One important thing to remember is that
getting a bigger chain will ALWAYS give you more points than getting a
Bonus, because a BONUS simply gives you what the last hit is supposed to
give you, whereas getting another hit increases the AMOUNT of points you
get. Also, remember, there is NO limit to how many bonuses one can get,
and getting a bonus does NOT mean you have to end your chain.

It is simply an EXTRA way for you to
earn points. 

A good strategy is that as soon as you feel you cannot find
any more hits for your chain, just go find as many Bonuses as possible.
Your score will DRAMATICALLY increase, almost the same amount as if you’d
continued your chain!