Massive updates to the site!  Records have been updated, as well as 2 AWESOME programs added to the Related Programs section (look in “downloads”).  Please direct any questions to the authors.  Also, I have been in contact with the referees over at Twin Galaxies.  As I hoped, they are willing to work directly with us in adding these records on their official world record database (which means they will eventually get published in the Hard Cover edition of their site.  They are setting up customized score submission sheets for the site, as well as expediting everything we put through there.  However, there is a catch.  In order to be recognized by Twin Galaxies, you MUST videotape your record.  The Tetris Attack records on their site are very low (compared to our awesome scores) and Pokémon Puzzle League isn’t even in their database yet! I suggest you all start taping your accomplishments!  Once you have something on tape, please contact me and I will give you my mailing address.  Also, records that are sent in with a videotape would get a special mention on the records page itself, since the score would actually be officially verified.

This records board is getting sick!  Records are being broken left and right, who will be dethroned next???

Also, in the near future, will be accepting pictures of your achievements, stats, your location, etc. to add to the records page.  So when somebody clicks on your name or your achievement, they will see the stats of your game, a picture of it, or even a quote if you wish to share one!  So start snapping and recording people…. 

Lastly, forgot to mention that on March 23, 2002, we became one year old!!  So happy belated birthday to us…..

Well, records have been updated a few times….hmmmm, what else is there to say?  Unfortunately, not much going on in the world of TA/PPL/PDP….I found out a while ago though that Nintendo actually FINISHED Panel De Pon for the Nintendo 64, but they decided not to release it!  Aargh!  how frustrating is that? We could’ve had a 64 version of the game………..WITHOUT THE BLASTED POKÉMON!  Then maybe the game would have received the recognition/respect it deserves…(or hell, at the LEAST we wouldn’t have to hear Pikachu anymore!)  :)  Who knows, there is always Game Cube….(or the Game Boy Advance)

Hey there folks….I know, it’s been a while…….So, a bunch of new records were added AND updated!  I’m impressed at all the great scores!  I didn’t know that many TA/PPL addicts existed!  Also, check out the skill chains section for a BRAND NEW MOVE!!!  That’s right…FINALLY, a full write up and illustration of the year’s most AWESOME discovery….the “STEALTH”!  (ok….a bit over the top, I know…but it IS cool!)  Another couple moves are on their way as soon as we figure out how to explain them, but for now, have fun with this one!  It is definitely our FAVORITE showing off move by far!

Look out! Records Page updated!  The slots are getting occupied and we is excited!  Look for TWO brand spanking new skill moves to be unearthed either later this week or the beginning of this week…..yes, you too can score EVEN higher!  After all, the more techniques you’ve got under your belt, the more you’ll kick a full loaf of ass!   

Records Page updated.  Also, the Book of Tetris was added to the downloads section. HIGHLY recommends it! 

Records Page updated yet again.  Also, Greg and I are working HARD now on a MAJOR site update.  Future features (hehe) will include a MUCH more colorful, innovative site design…a COMPLETE set of emulator movies…FINISHED (gasp) sections, and a possible Tetris Attack competition!   If you have any ideas, let us know!  We are always open to suggestions!