More records verified and new videos added!  If you want to keep your collection complete, go grab ’em now!

Brand spanking new verified records/videos are up!  Go to the verified records section and see KirbMaster’s awesome new achievements!

Thank you for all your patience….the wait is finally over….the transition of servers went over quite well, and this place seems to really be on top of their stuff.  As you may have noticed, the page loads much quicker, has actual webspace to work with, it’s a fine day for

The old board was terribly corrupted, and we had to start from scratch (unfortunately), but I’m sure the board will be full and spiced up in no time!

And now, a very important announcement…..BRAND spanking new videos up for grabs!  Yes folks, you can now see all 9 of Mike Tran’s amazing World Record TA/PPL accomplishments in the verified records section of the site…..Big thanks to our resident messageboard junkie Vix44 for coming through once again with the video encoding…..

There is also a new video by Greg up there ALMOST nabbing that 60k spot….

Enjoy, and be sure to inform me if any of the links have problems! is finally changing hosts……this change will be taking place for probably the next 7 days…the transfer should go smoothly, but just in case it doesn’t, the site may be down for a little… shouldn’t be down for more than a day or two, so pop back in sporadically till it’s back for good!

Due to much scrambling on our part, the record videos are now back online. The space has been secured, and is quite stable this time around, so go ahead and get it while it’s hot (or at least lukewarm).

That’s right, the TA/PPL world record runs can be viewed by all!

They are found in the verified records section by clicking on the score.

Happy Watching!

Big thanks to Theocide at Tavcom for the hosting space!

The forum is now working!  Go feast your eyes on the power of Invision….  😀

Yes, it’s down again…….but when we return, a WHOLE NEW board! (probably Invision)….check back this week…..

The messageboard is back!  Happy posting! :)

The messageboard is down until further notice……I am working hard on this, rest assure a new forum of some kind will be functional shortly.  Check back here for the latest!  Maybe now that the forum is down, you can drink that coffee you’ve always wanted to drink…..ask out that attractive someone….or work on your “stage clear” techniques……or…..*gulp*…step outside!  I hear they require “clothes” out there though…..and be careful with that big ball of fire in the sky that they call “the sun”…

I hear it’s hot.

Please e-mail me with any questions you may have……

Videos are now online!  Big thanks to Gobbo for hosting them.  You can find them at the new Verified Records section.  Just click on Records, and then click on Verified Records.  All scores there have an accompanying video for your enjoyment!

It has come to my attention that Crack Attack (a Tetris Attack clone formerly available on just Linux) is now available for Windows!  Head on over to the downloads section of this site to download it!

The forum is back online!  Happy posting…

For those of you who missed the announcement, the messageboard will be down until 29.APR.2003 7:00PM EST

…you know…..maintenance and all that…..keep your eyes here for the latest. congratulates Mike Tran (Abused Rib) for breaking the 60K barrier in the original Tetris Attack!

Expect this video (as well as many others) to go up VERY SOON.  It’s being worked on right now!

So what’s the next challenge?  I suppose doing it in 1P would be it!

First of all, get Nintendo Puzzle Collection!  One can be obtained by going to:


They have it for the low price of $55, the lowest I’ve seen it anywhere!

Of course, to play this you will either need a modified Gamecube or a Freeloader, Datel’s new swap disc that allows any region disc to be played on any system.

Those can be found in many places……I would get it from Datel’s official site:


Also, there is a petition that was started by Ichinisan about including netplay in the US release of Nintendo Puzzle Collection.  If you support this, go here to sign it!

Also, in very exciting news, there is a new video dude on our team who is in charge of putting TA/PPL videos I have up on the site!  You will now be able to see those Record games in all of their glory!  Expect them up in the next 2 weeks or so… the meantime, record your games!!!   Once that record game is obtained, you always kick yourself for not having recorded it!  Send it in and you can be featured on the site, as well as be in the official World Records book…..

Hello all!  We are all eagerly awaiting the release of “Nintendo Puzzle Collection”, out in Japan on 07.FEB.2003,  Unfortunately, there has still not been a version announced for the American Gamecube, but don’t worry!  You can also modify your Gamecube!  (that’s what us freaks will do while we wait!)  Some cool import sites will be posted on the messageboard soon enough!  Also, I will post a thorough review of the what is different and new in this title as soon as I get the game!  (probably within a week of it’s release)

Also, big site cleanup took place……no more dead links anywhere on the site.  (if you see any, let me know!)

Also, go check out some new passwords contributed by site members on the passwords page! 

Yes, it is confirmed!

There WILL be a release on the Japanese Game Cube called “Nintendo Puzzle Collection”, which will feature 3 classic games, “Panel De Pon”, “Dr. Mario”, and “Yoshi’s Cookie”. Nintendo DID confirm it with me, however, I do not know the date. According to a Japanese magazine, it will be compatible with the Game Boy, and, feature four player support!!!

Word on the streets is that it will be released as soon as January, but until I hear this from Nintendo (or some official source), I cannot confirm this.

No, there is no official confirmation of this game coming out in the states yet, but WHO KNOWS what the future lies. I would imagine that if it does come out here, it will be “Tetris Attack” instead of “Panel De Pon”, but that is just a guess.

Any information will be posted here immediately. Also, if any information is obtained, let me know!

For now, I’ve just got to get my hands on some sort of way to play Japanese games!! Anybody with any info, let me know! We cannot be deprived!

In other news, as some of you may have noticed, there were problems with the site recently, in that anything recently updated was lost….

It was entirely the host’s fault, and they have restored the board as much as they possibly could…..this is probably avoidable if I download backups of the board every week or so….I guess I’ve learned my lesson! is back!!  Yes, after being off the net for a few days, we are back.  We are very sorry for the troubles, it won’t happen again!  This is the first time we’ve ever had a problem with the site, so you can bet we were just as mad to see this happen as you were!  But it won’t happen again folks!  

In other news, look out soon for the records section to split up once again…..we will have a “VERIFIED RECORDS” section and the regular section you see now (in light of people actually sending in their taped scores).

Keep ’em coming!!   

There is a new form on the Records Info page for submitting records.  The kind folks at Twin Galaxies made a customized submission form for these games, so submitting records is now VERY easy!  Just fill in the spaces on the form and you’re all set!  I wasn’t given an exact date as to when they will no longer take scores, but I do know it is soon!  Now is your last chance to tape a good run and send it on in, and get a lot of recognition for it! 

Come on guys, just TWELVE MORE DAYS to get your taped record in to me!  For details, visit the Records Info page!  Just follow the directions, and your name will be in print in the next records book due to come out in a few months!  

Also, a Tetris Attack competition will be announced soon enough….we are working hard with Twin Galaxies to set one of these up, the winner(s) receiving a certificate and a prize TBD.  More info as SOON as it develops.  In the meantime, get taping!!  You are guaranteed in the book at this moment, since I have received no submissions!  Come on, you’re making this too easy for me to claim every spot!!  >:)