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Panel de Pon was a puzzle game released in Japan in 1995
on the Super Famicom. After gaining popularity, Nintendo released the same game (with different characters, of course) in America in
1996 on the Super Nintendo. This time they called it Tetris Attack. It
was essentially the same game, only with a FEW minor differences. Then came
Pokémon Puzzle League in 2000, by far the CLEANEST and BEST (as far as
game play is concerned) version of the game to date. Because of the three versions of the game, I will simply refer to the game as Tetris Attack.

If you enjoy challenging video games, you will simply LOVE Tetris Attack. It is in my opinion the greatest puzzle game of all time, if not the greatest game of all time. It was the first puzzle game to incorporate FIERCE competition as well as combos and chain reactions!
Believe me, this game knows how to make you COMPETE!

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