How To Play



Here is a picture of the playing board. As you can see, there are 5 different colored blocks. A yellow star, a green circle, a purple diamond, a red heart, and a blue triangle.



The cursor is basically two white hollow squares connected horizontally. You are free to move it anywhere on the entire field.
You can move up, down, left, or right, but NOT diagonally. It blinks to make it easier to view.


When the cursor is placed over two blocks, and a button is pressed, the blocks within the cursor switch places. By
switching blocks, you can actually maneuver pieces anywhere you want on a
horizontal field.  You can even place the cursor in a way such that a
piece is in one of the squares, and nothing is in the other square!
In this case, the piece is switched, and then just drops until it lands on
other blocks or the bottom of the playing field..


If you get 3 or more blocks of the same color to align vertically or horizontally, it causes them to “match” and the pieces vanish. Any pieces on top of these
fall due to gravity.


Special clears occur in two ways.


Combos occur in Tetris Attack when more than 3 pieces are cleared simultaneously. So clearing 5 pieces simultaneously would result in a 5
Combo, and 10 would be a 10 Combo and so on.


Chains are a bit more complicated. When you match 3 or more pieces, they disappear, and the blocks that were above it fall. If the pieces that fall immediately clear on other blocks itself, then it is called a chain! Here is a
2-Hit Chain occurring step by step. You must cause a chain reaction with the first set cleared.


In this game the pieces rise from the bottom of the screen. The object of the game is to clear pieces such that no piece ever passes the top of the screen. When this happens, you
lose. And to add to the challenge, the longer you play, the faster the pieces rise from the bottom!


There are FIVE main modes of play.

1. VS Mode
2. Time Trial Mode
3. Endless Mode
4. Line Clear Mode
5. Puzzle Mode

VS Mode (2 players)

This mode puts 2 playing fields on the screen. You can either play against the computer or a friend. The objective of this mode is to make the other player
lose! During this mode, any SPECIAL CLEARS that are performed will cause a “garbage block” to fall on the opponent. Garbage blocks are blocks several spaces in length that cannot in themselves be handled like ordinary blocks. Here is a picture of one now.


 The idea is that by performing several special clears in a short amount of time, you can fill the opponent’s screen up and beat him before he beats you! The way to clear garbage blocks is to clear a set of blocks that are TOUCHING the garbage block. The garbage block will at that point turn into regular colored blocks. If there is garbage stacked together, clearing 3 pieces touching one of them will cause them all to clear. There is also a special
gray “exclamation mark” piece in this mode. It shows up occasionally. When 3 or more of these are cleared, a special different garbage block is thrown on the
opponents playfield. This garbage is cleared the same away, only it must be cleared independently of the other garbage it is touching, thus slowing your opponent down.

Time Trial Mode (1 or 2 players)

The objective of this mode is to score as many points as possible in 2 minutes playing time. Clearing 3 blocks gives you the minimum amount of points, combos give you an average amount of points, and chains give you the most points. When playing by yourself, you simply try to beat your own high score. When playing against another player, whoever gets more points wins.

Endless Mode (1 player)

The objective is to get as many points as possible. However, rather than having a time limit, you simply play until you
lose.  As time goes by, the screen raises faster and faster, so death is inevitable. Try to top your own score!

Line Clear Mode (1 player)

In this mode, the objective is to clear enough pieces until all of the blocks fall below a specific line. The line starts out just one or 2 screens down, but as you progress, the line gets deeper and the screen raises faster!

Puzzle Mode (1 player)

This is the one mode that one can play nice and slowly. In Puzzle mode, each level consists of a series of blocks on the screen. They don’t change, and the screen does NOT raise. There is a counter on the side of the screen with a number 1-5 that shows how many moves you have. Basically, you must figure out a way to clear the pieces on the screen using only the amount of moves given to you. As soon as you use up your moves, if the level has not been beaten, you lose and have the option to start again. As the levels progress, the puzzles get much, much harder!