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Scary games: why these are so popular and loved by certain people

Most people are having the craze to play the games which are made for giving the thrilling experience. Games are provided for people in many kinds of categories but all of these are having something special about them.

People would highly enjoy with all sorts of the categories but the most demanded and popular category is scary and the horror ones. The games that belong into scary games are loved by too many players because of fun, thrill, excitement which people feel during playing of such games.

Why people prefer playing the scary games over other categories?

There are certainly too many reasons which could depict why the people love scary and horror games. These reasons stated below would help in understanding why the scary games are too much essential.

  • The scary games could remove the boredom
  • All scary games can be thoroughly enjoyed due to presence of the characters of several type
  • Ghosts, spirits, evil characters excites the people
  • Scary things have ability to attract attention
  • The scary games have the various types of levels that excites players

The players could take the various levels that they wish to play. Also it has to be remembered that scary games have the various types in them as well. This is just a broad category which has so many kinds of games under it.


All scary games are really terrifying to the players and that’s why people love to play them. Various categories that are included have the ghost games, evil monsters game, and the vampires.

The categories are really wide when it comes to the scary game category. The amazing category of the horror is especially for all lovers of the horror and terror.


The game is totally worth playing because of brilliant graphics. The real looking animation of the games is so wonderful that players can simply feel that ghosts are right in front of them.

Sounds in the game are terrific and set the atmosphere of horror. The deadly graphics of the ghosts and spirits can be enjoyed through playing the games of such kind.


Players could enjoy with various themes based scary games as hundreds of varieties are created. Themes are based on fighting of the evil and also saving yourself from ghosts, and all bad things.

Games are distinct as the scary theme has scope for so many variations. Players must be able to fight while surviving the various gateways, paths, stairs, trapdoors, dungeons, and many more places.

The games have to be selected by the players according to wish and mood. Some games could be much scary than others while some could be childlike. To understand this, the difference in graphics is seen by players which help in deciding the difference among graphics.

The ghosts are created in most realistic way and are not funny. They are really terrific and can scare the younger players. Players can select desired games by choosing through the long terror games category list online.


Wonderful Features And Game Controls Of My Friend Pedro Arena

Shooter games gain more recognition among online players because of its impressive features and brilliant gameplay.  At present, the need for an excellent shooter game is raising more and more. In order to satisfy the requirements, the game developers introduced an awesome game, which is popularly known as My Friend Pedro Arena. It is one of the most exciting and exclusive shooter games that include outstanding game features. In this game process, the invisible banana appears as your friend. Along with this, it also commands you in order to kill the other people. The shooter game really includes simple gameplay, but it is highly addictive. In order to know about the game features, you can prefer the best online website where you can gather all useful information regarding the shooter game.

my friend pedro

Play Exciting Shooter Game Online

The online website not only offers some useful details, but also helps you to know about the important game controls. You can properly use the acrobatic skills as well as ability in order to slow down the time as you face all the gangsters of the underworld. After that, you can pick up the new weapons as well as unleash the deadly force above these poor suckers. With stunning resources, you can try to survive for a long time.  The useful process helps you to get more score easily. While speaking about vital game controls, you can use the WASD keys in order to move and use mouse to aim as well as shoot. If you want to read more about the game check out their official web page!

Are video games here to stay?

What’s the one thing that has taken over the industry faster than anything else? Well, yes! Its video games. Video games have been around for quite some time now but in the 90’s they really started to catch people’s eyes. With epic stories and graphics that people loved, video games were the one thing that really took its toll as fast as possible. However, this wasn’t very easy as there were some games that succeeded while there were others that didn’t. The ones that succeeded are still racked up in every one’s game drawer, yes, we’re talking about Action Games.

The Rise of Action Games

Action games took its rising toll very quickly when they first started getting released. Games like Rambo, Die Hard and other were the start of the evolution for action games. These were popular movies who were later transformed into games. This is where people realized that things are getting better. The competition in the market started to rise and over the years there have been award winning action games all over the market that have taken up a lot of craze. With intense gameplay this has also become some sort of sport. Yes, gamers take part in these gaming Olympiads from all over the world.

What the future holds

With the rising amount of games and even gaming technology, there is a long road for gaming. Make sure you have the best games racked up in your closet already so that you can tell your future child just how you played every classic. The industry has a long way to go and this is something that won’t stop. Let’s see where the world of gaming takes us in the near future.

Hello everybody, some important news to share.  First off, we have a new web host! has kindly offered to host the site, and the server switch has already taken place!

Next, as everybody knows, Planet Puzzle League was released for the Nintendo DS.  Within the next week, there will be brand new record categories for both Puzzle League GBA (long overdue!) and Planet Puzzle League DS, so please be on the lookout and tell your friends!

Lastly, we have our most important announcement.

The time has come for the site to have a major redesign. Everybody has great ideas. It’s time to start doing the construction! I can’t possibly do this alone.  Everybody who wants to help with the redesign of, please start posting in the forum (we have an official thread for this!) with what you’d be willing to officially contribute. There are basically 2 main areas in which you can help (with tons of subcategories). Content and design. If you are a very skilled TA player, or you would like to help make demo videos or anything like that, you fit in the content section! If you are skilled at making web pages, or graphic design, or making any cool things that would help the site look smooth and slick, you belong in the design section!  (It’s obvious which category I belong in! 😛   )

No task is too small….!

Please post in the forum with exactly what you’d be willing to help with, and once we agree on who’s going to do what, we’ll set actual deadlines to get this stuff done!

Everybody who helps will get mentioned in the site credits, as well as knowing that you helped make this site several times better than it ever was!  And who knows, perhaps we can provide some sort of prize for some randomly selected contributer once all is finished!

Hey guys, it’s been a long time!  There hasn’t been much news to talk about, other than the release of Dr. Mario / Puzzle League for the GBA.  If you’re a regular forum lurker you’d know that by now though!

My apologies to everybody for not updating the site in a really long time.  As many of you know, I’m a full time student, and devote about 80% of my time to studying Mathematics, and the other 20% to spending time with my girlfriend.  Thus, the site has been as is for quite a while, and I don’t see that changing much in the near future.  What I do promise to faithfully maintain though is the Records database, as this site has the best posted records and videos available for Tetris Attack games.  If it has been a while since that has been updated, it’s because nobody’s breaking any records!

So go for it!!

In other news, the forum has been hacked!  As you can see, robots have taken over the forum, and no matter how much cleaning up I do, they always return.

The reason for this is because I use an older version of IPB, which is probably quite vulnerable by now.  In any event, I would like to upgrade to the newest version of IPB, but it costs money!  Lots of it!  $70 to be exact.

This is the time when I come to you, the loyal forum and game fans for help.  I know we’re a very small group of people around here, but that’s what I love about this place.  We all know each other, and it’s nice to escape the perils of Gamefaqs wouldn’t you say?

Anyway, I’m not trying to sell the site.  It is what it is, and has been here for many years.  Please donate money if you can to help me upgrade to the newest version of IPB.  There is no set amount, please give whatever you can.  If you are poor, don’t give me anything!  If you have money to spare, then why not throw some our way?

If we don’t receive enough money to upgrade to the new board, then I will refund everybody’s money and look into other options.  The main reason why I want to stick with IPB though is because I don’t want to lose a few years’ worth of valuable posts and information!

Anyway, donations are accepted via paypal to the temporary email address of


(You can also snail mail me money if you wish.  Please email me for address details!)

Thank you for your support, and I hope we can have this forum for many years to come and keep discussion of this amazing series of games alive!

More records verified and new videos added!  If you want to keep your collection complete, go grab ’em now!

Brand spanking new verified records/videos are up!  Go to the verified records section and see KirbMaster’s awesome new achievements!

Thank you for all your patience….the wait is finally over….the transition of servers went over quite well, and this place seems to really be on top of their stuff.  As you may have noticed, the page loads much quicker, has actual webspace to work with, it’s a fine day for

The old board was terribly corrupted, and we had to start from scratch (unfortunately), but I’m sure the board will be full and spiced up in no time!

And now, a very important announcement…..BRAND spanking new videos up for grabs!  Yes folks, you can now see all 9 of Mike Tran’s amazing World Record TA/PPL accomplishments in the verified records section of the site…..Big thanks to our resident messageboard junkie Vix44 for coming through once again with the video encoding…..

There is also a new video by Greg up there ALMOST nabbing that 60k spot….

Enjoy, and be sure to inform me if any of the links have problems! is finally changing hosts……this change will be taking place for probably the next 7 days…the transfer should go smoothly, but just in case it doesn’t, the site may be down for a little… shouldn’t be down for more than a day or two, so pop back in sporadically till it’s back for good!

Due to much scrambling on our part, the record videos are now back online. The space has been secured, and is quite stable this time around, so go ahead and get it while it’s hot (or at least lukewarm).

That’s right, the TA/PPL world record runs can be viewed by all!

They are found in the verified records section by clicking on the score.

Happy Watching!

Big thanks to Theocide at Tavcom for the hosting space!

The forum is now working!  Go feast your eyes on the power of Invision….  😀

Yes, it’s down again…….but when we return, a WHOLE NEW board! (probably Invision)….check back this week…..

The messageboard is back!  Happy posting! :)

The messageboard is down until further notice……I am working hard on this, rest assure a new forum of some kind will be functional shortly.  Check back here for the latest!  Maybe now that the forum is down, you can drink that coffee you’ve always wanted to drink…..ask out that attractive someone….or work on your “stage clear” techniques……or…..*gulp*…step outside!  I hear they require “clothes” out there though…..and be careful with that big ball of fire in the sky that they call “the sun”…

I hear it’s hot.

Please e-mail me with any questions you may have……

Videos are now online!  Big thanks to Gobbo for hosting them.  You can find them at the new Verified Records section.  Just click on Records, and then click on Verified Records.  All scores there have an accompanying video for your enjoyment!

It has come to my attention that Crack Attack (a Tetris Attack clone formerly available on just Linux) is now available for Windows!  Head on over to the downloads section of this site to download it!

The forum is back online!  Happy posting…

For those of you who missed the announcement, the messageboard will be down until 29.APR.2003 7:00PM EST

…you know…..maintenance and all that…..keep your eyes here for the latest. congratulates Mike Tran (Abused Rib) for breaking the 60K barrier in the original Tetris Attack!

Expect this video (as well as many others) to go up VERY SOON.  It’s being worked on right now!

So what’s the next challenge?  I suppose doing it in 1P would be it!

First of all, get Nintendo Puzzle Collection!  One can be obtained by going to:


They have it for the low price of $55, the lowest I’ve seen it anywhere!

Of course, to play this you will either need a modified Gamecube or a Freeloader, Datel’s new swap disc that allows any region disc to be played on any system.

Those can be found in many places……I would get it from Datel’s official site:


Also, there is a petition that was started by Ichinisan about including netplay in the US release of Nintendo Puzzle Collection.  If you support this, go here to sign it!

Also, in very exciting news, there is a new video dude on our team who is in charge of putting TA/PPL videos I have up on the site!  You will now be able to see those Record games in all of their glory!  Expect them up in the next 2 weeks or so… the meantime, record your games!!!   Once that record game is obtained, you always kick yourself for not having recorded it!  Send it in and you can be featured on the site, as well as be in the official World Records book…..