Star Wars games – top 5 best and Jedi fantasy game

When it comes to world-class games, then nothing can beat star war games. Thanks to the Science fiction franchise. This game is just ultimate because it has been played by different generations of people i.e. our dad, his dad, his son, etc. It is like an addiction and looks no one is ready to give up this addiction. Here is a list of star war series that will make you its super fan.

list of star wars games

The old republic

Do you like an iron fist? Well, then good as this one includes iron fist in it. Players can explore the ancient galaxy and find out the hidden secrets of the universe. Also, if you are fed up with the hero role, then you have an option to play the villain in the game. Both of them assigned equal powers in the game and one can decide as which side you want to stand. You can play Jedi and can save the entire universe, or you can be the most powerful Villain and become the darkest dictator of the world. Various Side quest let you earn special powers and weapons. Interested in building your space adventure? Then grab this game now and start playing it.

Jedi Knight II

This game makes you feel like your star war fantasy come true. Players have to fight with superheroes and against enemies to defeat evil forces. This game includes all the things that you have seen in the movie i.e. lightsaber, stormtroopers, etc. Jedi Outcast feature of the game makes you feel like you are a real Jedi Knight. It is one thing which is tried by many game developers, but they failed to do it in a right way. Encounters here are memorable, tear your enemies with allies Landon and Luke, face Reborn enemies, etc. If you want additional treat, then multiplayer mode make you go crazy. All you need is a group of dedicated players and gain control over the entire galaxy.

Star Wars Battlefront

Want to experience the chilling spin sensation while playing the action-adventure game? Star Wars battlefield have it all for you. Get ready for an iconic battle which will remind you of the trilogy version of this game. Players get an authentic and exclusive gaming environment, and the prop seen by you in the movie are available here in the game. Sound effects sound familiar to you as it is just like the film sound effects. On the other hand, classic music let you have more fun during battle. Also, if you decided to play it online then go on and feel like you are just steeped into a real Star War world. What makes this game unique is that it is easily accessible and will not give you a headache during the game.

Star war games chance the whole concept and picture of the gaming world. Players are literary crazy about Star war games and movie.  The game is one of a kind, and without it, one cannot imagine action games.



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