Check out the best parkour flash games around the web

Parkour flash games are quite popular among the people and there are many people who are playing these games all over the globe. In this content we will try to find out some of the finest first person parkour flash games in the business. The game is all about training troops and attacking other players and in the process earn gold and elixir. You can also earn the dark elixir that will enable you to strengthen your defense. This is a very popular multiplayer game. Now we all know how popular this game is and there are many things that make this game very popular among the people.

Gems are one of those. When you complete milestones and other rounds you earn gems. With the help of these gems you can build heroes and boost buildings. That is why these gems are so popular among the people. The one thing that makes this game more interesting is that you can play it all the time. Using these services by the companies you can actually get more and more gems that will enable you to go ahead of your friends. There are also many games that can be played in the Facebook and the Android phones. Some of the games that can be played both in the Facebook and the android phones are as follows –

  • I runner – the I Runner is really a fast game where a character named as Mr. Runs to his destination within a certain amount of time. He is required to cope up with all the hurdles which he gets and he needs to clear them. This game is for those people who like to play fast games and I Runner is also one of those games with stunning graphics.
  • Pocket Legends – This is part of the most popular game and it is full of adventure. It is generally a multiplayer, fantasy adventure. It is found in the ipad and possesses some superb features. It is seen as the fan favorite game. Pocket Legends is a very popular game that can be played both in the Facebook and in the android and this game has been very successful all over the world.
  • Six Guns – It is generally a third person shooter adventure game. The shooter needs to escape to Arizona and just have to spread the news that he is dead. Six Guns are all about guns and shooting the best shots and that is why this game is very popular among the players all over the world and there are many people who are playing this one.
  • Words with Friends Free – It is a popular sport where we can share with friends and can play it. This game is very popular for a few years and the people really spending their quality time here. Words with Friends Free are a game that is about sharing and friendship and it can be played with friends.
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