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Superfighters 2: the game you want to play

There have been a growing demand in the action games over the years and the Superfighters 2 has been known to keep the people happy and attached. The flash games which are produced over the internet help people in different ways.


The best way in which they can help is by passing time with some entertainment which is the must in this busy scheduled life. The Superfighters 2 is the flash game in the action genre which is known for its valuable graphics and sound quality. Not only these things are settable, you can also play this game with easy keyboard keys like the arrow keys and space-bar. This is what makes the game more interesting and the easiest game to play in the action genre flash game.

The keys which are used widely in this game are the arrow keys, the space-bar key, the M key, the N key the, key and the ESC key which is quiet easy to find and play around. These keys are the most and the only used keys in the Superfighters 2 game. The game is quite simple with a simple goal in mind which can be achieved in different ways, either by smashing, firing, hitting, mashing or by moving around the arena and fighting with the other miniature guy on the game screen.

As easy as the game sounds, there are different stages in the game which becomes more and more troublesome as they go beyond different levels. There winning will be tough and you will have to increase your standard if you want to survive to the last stage. Although, there are some easy tips and tricks which will allow you to rise up one level there are other considerations as well.

The BOT level will go on increasing gradually and this can be a matter of fact, if you are playing against a BOT or in the stage mode. Also, there is a multiplayer mode wherein you can select your opponent to fight with you or against you. This is what makes the game more interesting when playing in multiplayer mode. The other player can be a part of your team or will be the opponent who you will have to take down in the Superfighters 2.

The superfighters is a much simpler game and as the name suggests the target of the game is to take down your enemy by fighting them. There are various weapons and other modes which are provided to you, and can be used against your opponents. However, care must be taken while travelling from one place to another or you might fall in a pit and end up your game.

The Superfighters 2 is one of a kind action game in the flash game series and once you start playing this game you will love to complete all the stages. The game drives your inner craze to the extent where you will want to play the last stage and win against all possible opponents.


Puppet soccer champions: a game to enjoy(my first game review)

Football games are loved by many people worldwide. It shows that people love football and want to have interesting and animated football games. The Puppet soccer champions is one of the most played football games. If you are a die-heart fan of football players and love to watch and play football, then I must say this great and thrilling game is made for you! People say football games are only loved and played by boys, but I have seen many girls playing this game because of its funny and cool animation. This game is loved by so many people, from kids to adults. This game was first released in 2013 and then again in 2014. About 52,679 people on Google have given Puppet soccer champions a 5 star. Good ranking and reviews from people gives us information about how much people love that. So see, this explains the popularity of this game among kids and youngsters. You can play this online on different sites and download too. For football players I should say, A must play!

play puppet soccer champions

This game has good software that can give you a perfect animation in 3D involving funny looking cartoons and caricatures. You can play Puppet soccer champions with one opponent at a time. In this game, all your favorite football players from any place over the world are in a cartoon look, or we can say a big head puppet appearance. It can be Messi, Ronaldo, Neymer or Balotelli, all of them are in the form of funny big head cartoons. Interesting, right?

After choosing to play this, you will be given a choice to choose your favorite player from many of the given players and start playing. You can also choose a team if you want to play a league. You have the choice to play in single, two players or a team with your friend. Puppet soccer champions continues to unlock many bonuses after you start playing it through different leagues. These bonuses are mainly in the form of spread slime, ice and gum on the pitch and many others. The players are         Robin van Persie, Pirlo, Fellaini, Lampard, Rooney, Gerrad, Zlatan, Eto, Buffon, and many others. There is a lot more fun while playing this game so you wouldn’t get bored and even think to close the game. I dare you, No? Try this in order to confirm my dare to you.

As the name indicates it is the champion of soccer games and playing Puppet soccer champions will be a thrilling and most interesting experience of all for free. Yes, Free! Now for the more interesting thing, it can give you over 30 football soccer puppet teams of your favorite football players. More than ninety caricatures, which are hand puppets of your most desired players. If you want to get and unlock more bonus, you must play well to score well. In order to play with 2 players, you can have the split screen multiplier. If you want to follow the news about the game then head out to their official website.