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Hello readers, it`s been a while since the last time i wrote a post on I am glad to bring the website back and i will also try to revive it by writing new posts on daily basis. As you know its been a lot of time since Tetris Attack was popular and we ware playing it but the game is still good and fun. I dont have the emulator anymore so i cannot play the tetris attack no more but if you have some other solutions for me please message me. Even though i am getting older and older i am still big fan of games and i consider myself huge gamer. I am really busy with work and personal life and i dont have much time for playing games so i started playing some flash games when i need to relax because they are small and can not get you so addicted. I will use this blog to write reviews about the games i play so if you are new to flash games i hope to make your gaming life easier. 😉