Archive for July, 2007

Hello everybody, some important news to share.  First off, we have a new web host! has kindly offered to host the site, and the server switch has already taken place!

Next, as everybody knows, Planet Puzzle League was released for the Nintendo DS.  Within the next week, there will be brand new record categories for both Puzzle League GBA (long overdue!) and Planet Puzzle League DS, so please be on the lookout and tell your friends!

Lastly, we have our most important announcement.

The time has come for the site to have a major redesign. Everybody has great ideas. It’s time to start doing the construction! I can’t possibly do this alone.  Everybody who wants to help with the redesign of, please start posting in the forum (we have an official thread for this!) with what you’d be willing to officially contribute. There are basically 2 main areas in which you can help (with tons of subcategories). Content and design. If you are a very skilled TA player, or you would like to help make demo videos or anything like that, you fit in the content section! If you are skilled at making web pages, or graphic design, or making any cool things that would help the site look smooth and slick, you belong in the design section!  (It’s obvious which category I belong in! 😛   )

No task is too small….!

Please post in the forum with exactly what you’d be willing to help with, and once we agree on who’s going to do what, we’ll set actual deadlines to get this stuff done!

Everybody who helps will get mentioned in the site credits, as well as knowing that you helped make this site several times better than it ever was!  And who knows, perhaps we can provide some sort of prize for some randomly selected contributer once all is finished!