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Hey guys, it’s been a long time!  There hasn’t been much news to talk about, other than the release of Dr. Mario / Puzzle League for the GBA.  If you’re a regular forum lurker you’d know that by now though!

My apologies to everybody for not updating the site in a really long time.  As many of you know, I’m a full time student, and devote about 80% of my time to studying Mathematics, and the other 20% to spending time with my girlfriend.  Thus, the site has been as is for quite a while, and I don’t see that changing much in the near future.  What I do promise to faithfully maintain though is the Records database, as this site has the best posted records and videos available for Tetris Attack games.  If it has been a while since that has been updated, it’s because nobody’s breaking any records!

So go for it!!

In other news, the forum has been hacked!  As you can see, robots have taken over the forum, and no matter how much cleaning up I do, they always return.

The reason for this is because I use an older version of IPB, which is probably quite vulnerable by now.  In any event, I would like to upgrade to the newest version of IPB, but it costs money!  Lots of it!  $70 to be exact.

This is the time when I come to you, the loyal forum and game fans for help.  I know we’re a very small group of people around here, but that’s what I love about this place.  We all know each other, and it’s nice to escape the perils of Gamefaqs wouldn’t you say?

Anyway, I’m not trying to sell the site.  It is what it is, and has been here for many years.  Please donate money if you can to help me upgrade to the newest version of IPB.  There is no set amount, please give whatever you can.  If you are poor, don’t give me anything!  If you have money to spare, then why not throw some our way?

If we don’t receive enough money to upgrade to the new board, then I will refund everybody’s money and look into other options.  The main reason why I want to stick with IPB though is because I don’t want to lose a few years’ worth of valuable posts and information!

Anyway, donations are accepted via paypal to the temporary email address of


(You can also snail mail me money if you wish.  Please email me for address details!)

Thank you for your support, and I hope we can have this forum for many years to come and keep discussion of this amazing series of games alive!