Archive for April, 2004

Thank you for all your patience….the wait is finally over….the transition of servers went over quite well, and this place seems to really be on top of their stuff.  As you may have noticed, the page loads much quicker, has actual webspace to work with, it’s a fine day for

The old board was terribly corrupted, and we had to start from scratch (unfortunately), but I’m sure the board will be full and spiced up in no time!

And now, a very important announcement…..BRAND spanking new videos up for grabs!  Yes folks, you can now see all 9 of Mike Tran’s amazing World Record TA/PPL accomplishments in the verified records section of the site…..Big thanks to our resident messageboard junkie Vix44 for coming through once again with the video encoding…..

There is also a new video by Greg up there ALMOST nabbing that 60k spot….

Enjoy, and be sure to inform me if any of the links have problems! is finally changing hosts……this change will be taking place for probably the next 7 days…the transfer should go smoothly, but just in case it doesn’t, the site may be down for a little… shouldn’t be down for more than a day or two, so pop back in sporadically till it’s back for good!