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First of all, get Nintendo Puzzle Collection!  One can be obtained by going to:


They have it for the low price of $55, the lowest I’ve seen it anywhere!

Of course, to play this you will either need a modified Gamecube or a Freeloader, Datel’s new swap disc that allows any region disc to be played on any system.

Those can be found in many places……I would get it from Datel’s official site:


Also, there is a petition that was started by Ichinisan about including netplay in the US release of Nintendo Puzzle Collection.  If you support this, go here to sign it!

Also, in very exciting news, there is a new video dude on our team who is in charge of putting TA/PPL videos I have up on the site!  You will now be able to see those Record games in all of their glory!  Expect them up in the next 2 weeks or so… the meantime, record your games!!!   Once that record game is obtained, you always kick yourself for not having recorded it!  Send it in and you can be featured on the site, as well as be in the official World Records book…..

Hello all!  We are all eagerly awaiting the release of “Nintendo Puzzle Collection”, out in Japan on 07.FEB.2003,  Unfortunately, there has still not been a version announced for the American Gamecube, but don’t worry!  You can also modify your Gamecube!  (that’s what us freaks will do while we wait!)  Some cool import sites will be posted on the messageboard soon enough!  Also, I will post a thorough review of the what is different and new in this title as soon as I get the game!  (probably within a week of it’s release)

Also, big site cleanup took place……no more dead links anywhere on the site.  (if you see any, let me know!)

Also, go check out some new passwords contributed by site members on the passwords page!