Archive for October, 2002 is back!!  Yes, after being off the net for a few days, we are back.  We are very sorry for the troubles, it won’t happen again!  This is the first time we’ve ever had a problem with the site, so you can bet we were just as mad to see this happen as you were!  But it won’t happen again folks!  

In other news, look out soon for the records section to split up once again…..we will have a “VERIFIED RECORDS” section and the regular section you see now (in light of people actually sending in their taped scores).

Keep ’em coming!!   

There is a new form on the Records Info page for submitting records.  The kind folks at Twin Galaxies made a customized submission form for these games, so submitting records is now VERY easy!  Just fill in the spaces on the form and you’re all set!  I wasn’t given an exact date as to when they will no longer take scores, but I do know it is soon!  Now is your last chance to tape a good run and send it on in, and get a lot of recognition for it!